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360° Rotary Head Single Needle Sewing Machine (Auto Feeding)

Main features and functions:

  • 1. 15-inch HD industrial panel, easy to operate.

  • 2. Independent driving rotating head, completely simulate manual sewing stitches, higher quality of finished products.

  • 3. Automatic alternatively left & right feeding, improves work efficiency and reduces manual work load and labor cost.

  • 4. Richpeace sewing electric control system, ARM core + LINUX system.

  • 5. Vertical lift up sewing head, convenient for changing frame and good for span-stitch sewing.

  • 6. USB port for pattern files input, large stitches capacity.

  • 7. High quality imported servo motor, high-precision linear guide rail, ensure high precision of pattern and good quality stitch effect.

  • 8. Exclusive table support system, ensure stitches flatness and high accuracy under high speed working. 

  • 9. Richpeace pattern design software, arbitrary pattern designs, simple to learn, fulfill customization pattern design requirement.

  • 10. Needle bar & rotary hook shaft treated with DLC diamond-like carbon coating, resistance to wear and can work normally at high speed without oil or less oil lubrication.

  • 11. SMC oil atomized sewing head, realized automatic lubrication on main moving components.

  • 12. Automatic thread trimming, upper thread breakage detection bobbin thread counting function.


Sewing of small-sized textiles such as pillowcases, baby quilts, microwave oven gloves, and cushion covers.

Speed 2500 rpm

Power 3.8 kw

Voltage  Single Phase 220 V/50 HZ

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