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AUTOMATIC Floor Mat Binding Machine


Binding machine for floor mats of various shapes, car mats, carpet, rug and outer contours.

(Speed 2000 rpm, Power 6kw)


Main features and functions:

  1. The machine consists of four parts: Automatic Feeding/Automatic Binding/Automatic Labeling/ Automatic Discharging.                                                                                                                                                                                              

   ① Automatic Feeding:The feeding tray automatically rises to a fixed position and the manipulator grabs the mat and moves

        into the sewing area. 

    ② Automatic Binding: The variable sensor detects the mat outline and transmits signals to the upper and lower press wheels to

         control the sewing direction. 

    ③ Automatic Labeling: Automatic stretching label length, cutting, marking. 

    ④ Automatic Discharging: After sewing,the matis moved to the discharging tray by the blanking manipulator. 

2. Automatic Trimmer, after sewing. 

3. Optional automatic marking, for printing text, date, QR code and so on.

10.2 inch operating screen
Richpeace binding machine 1.png
Automatic Feeding & Discharging
Richpeace bibding machines 2.png
Automatic Labeling
Richpeace bibding machines 3.png
Thread Break Detector
Richpeace bibding machines 4.png
Automatic Trimmer
Richpeace bibding machines 5.png
Automatic Marking
Richpeace bibding machines 6.png
Marking Operation Panel
Richpeace bibding machines 7.png
Product Parameters
Richpeace bibding machines 8.png

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