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Perforation and sewing machine

Single Needle Perforation and Sewing

Realize sewing and punching in one, with the punching point controlled by computer and achieve the desired combination pattern.  It is easy to learn the operation of the machine and no requirement for skilled sewing machine operation, which reduce the dependence on skilled workers.  Leather car seats, foot pads, aviation seats, interiors, leather furniture, sports Shoes, leather shoes, leather clothing and other fields.

Multi-color Perforation+Embroidery+Sewing

Perforation and sewing machine

 Independently developed intelligent punching and embroidery sewing layout software, which is conducive to one-time forming.  Suitable for sewing car seats, car headrests and car armrest boxes.  Suitable for car seat, foot pad, aerospace seat, furniture, sports shoes, leather shoes, leather coat, leather bag, and etc.

Multi-head Perforation Machine (6 punchers)

Perforation and sewing machine

Exclusive perforation head and punching needle bar mechanism, and enhanced needle bar reciprocator. Side-discharged punching needle bar case, efficiently prevents the scraps blocking, and ensures free falling. 

Perforation (4-puncher) Embroidery (9-color) and Sewing (rotating head)

Perforation and sewing machine

 Integrated with embroidery, sewing and perforating in one machine, and arbitrary designs, easily realize any complicated combination process of punching,  embroidering and sewing.  Independent driven sewing head and rotary hook  mechanism, can rotate in 360°, avoiding the quality difference of positive and negative stitch.

Multi Perforation and Rotary Head Sewing Machine 

Perforation and sewing machine

Integrated perforation and sewing in one machine, standard perforation, beautiful stitches. Sewing head: independent-driven 360° rotary sewing head, no quality difference between forward stitch and reverse stitch; head lifting stroke 50mm keeps enough space for sewing frame and material holding gauge.

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