RICHPEACE Automatic Sewing Machine

Automatic sewing machine systems are designed to save our customers time and money.  They increase speed and efficiency.  They reduce errors and waste.   They do not need breaks.  They work on time every time.

Automatic Sewing Machine

Head Lifting Sewing Machine

Head can lift up to 50mm to cover thick materials.  All kinds of thicker material or leather material sewing. such as: Car seat pattern sewing, 3D car seat cover pattern sewing, car door, baby pushchair(pad), children safety chair, cushionn tufting. sofa bed, turniture cover, carpet, footpad, body armor. backpack, 3D garment template sewing, etc.

Non Stop Sewing Machine

Automatic Sewing Machine
 “Zero wait” before sewing machine with no downtime to do to prepare. It is divided into A / B two jobs countertops, alternately run. When A work area during sewing, B is doing the work area shop materials preparation, A \ B two operation area independently of each other. One person operation, without increasing staff. Non-stop, continuous seam, the machine running at full capacity, productivity doubled!

Automatic Perforation & Sewing Machine

Multi Heads Sewing Machine
Richpeace Automatic Single color Perforation and Sewing Machine is intelligent and multi-function "process center", mostly used at aerospace, car interiors and home furniture, etc.

Automatic Wiring Sewing Machine

Multi Heads Sewing Machine
Appliction: Climbing wear with self-heating function;carpet,footpad,functional clothes with self-heating function;heating wire protective cover;car seats with self-heating etc.

Automatic Bar Tacking Machine (For Extra Heavy Duty)

Automatic Bartacking Machine

Special function for sewing bar tacking on a thick mat, sewing area is based on 1200X600mm (according to customer's requirements can customize).   High efficiency, High strength, High difficulty.

Able to stitch circle or any motif for tufting purpose, suitable for any kinds cushion of chair pad, deck chair, rush cushion, pet mat, furniture etc, and other various inner / outdoor bar tracking automatic production line.

Double needles universal rotary sewing machine

Double needle rotary.png
Suitable for double lines thread sewing for heavy material, such as car seat, car airbag, car interior, furniture, home textile, marine, aviation, etc.

Large Area Sewing Machine

Automatic Sewing Mahchine for Large Size
2200mm X 1600mm working area.  For sewing all types of sleeping bags, such as the mummy sleeping bag, the envelope sleeping bag; long length down jacket, winter clothes, moisture-proof pads,etct.

360° Rotary Head Single Needle Sewing Machine
(Auto Feeding)

360 ROTARY.png
Sewing of small-sized textiles such as pillowcases, baby quilts, microwave oven gloves, and cushion covers.

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