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3 in 1 Material Cutting Machine

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Drawing / cutting / marking of flexible materials used in clothing, shoes and hats, luggage, home textiles, furniture, home furnishing, automobiles, ships, aviation and other industries.

 Computerized Template Cutting Machine (Automatic Sheet Milling)

Template Cutting Machine

1.Cutting PVC board, acrylic sheet, plastic plate and other hard materials; 2. performance and water cooling system more better and large cut; 3. Adsorption and pressure fixation to meet the small...

Mega-Size Multi Layers Cutting Machine

Multi Layer Cutting Machine for Big Size

Garment, Luggage, Marine / Aerospace Interior, Upholstery, Toy Industry, Automotive etc.

Fully Automatic Cutting Machine

Automatic Cutting Machine

Cutting Blade change cutting speed automatically, ensure quality of final markers.

It is suitable for Garment, Luggage, Shoes&Caps, Marine/Aerospace interior, Medical treatment and health articles etc

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