Single Head Tubular

Clothing,cap,toy and other industries.
Suitable for embroidery shops,boutique, design room and teaching in school,
those are dealing with small volume production 

Multi Heads Tubular

Multi Heads Embroidery Machine
T-shirt,sweaters,tubular working clothes and caps as weill as normal flat embroidery
Multi Heads Embroidery Machine

Multi Heads Flat

Trademark, fashion, curtains, bedspread, toys, decorations, craft art-work precision embroidery.

Mixed Coiling & Chenille (5 IN 1)

Multi Function Embroidery Machine

Five functions into one machine: flat embroidery, coiling / tape/ cording embroidery, chenille / chain stitch embroidery, doublesequin embroidery. High-precision, strong stereo sense, artistic effect is ideal for samples-making, teaching, pattern development and industrial arts embroidery.

Application For home textile decoration, such as wallpaper, wallcloth etc.

Wall Paper Embroidery

Wall Paper Embroidery Machine

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