Custom-made of evening dress and wedding dress.  Richpeace fully automatic pinhole pattern poking machine is based on the product process of evening dress and wedding dress, rely on Richpeace Beading Dress CAD System, it is a professional machine for the custom-made of evening dress and wedding dress,the whole making pattern and beading process is controlled by computer, save the manpower and intensity of labor and enhance the quality of product.


(Voltage: 220V±10%)

(30-40 pinholes/second)

Main features and functions:

  • Servo motor ensures high speed beading and smooth working.

  • Rely on Richpeace beading dress CAD system to make the product of pattern easier.

  • Automatic feed and collect system, support huge beading product.

  • Automatic alignment function for X/Y direction, let page dock precisely.

  • Making pattern precisely, beading quickly, the efficiency is twice than  hand-made, save manpower and cost.

  • Min. Pinhole diameter is 1.5mm.

  • Richpeace fully automatic pinhole pattern poking machine is easy to use, and perforation uniform (pinhole density adjustable).

  • Compared with the manual works, the products have the advantages of high precision and high quality, which have opened up new technological ideas for the dress and the wedding dress industry.


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