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RPAS-PQ-1-2200X1600-B-2-LH (Light Duty Material)

2200mm X 1600mm working area.  Suitable for high quality produce requirement in down filled quilt, cotton quilt, silk quilt. etc.

(Voltage: 220V/330V)

Main features and functions:

  • Working speed:2500 rpm.

  • Lifting head suitable for heavy material, sewing thickness: 40-50mm before pressing, 2-3mm after pressing. 

  • 3-axis servo+ball screw to ensure large area high speed sewing with high precision effect on joints of corners and sharp points.

  • Ballscrew driving X-axis sewing head and rotary hook, ensure synchronous movement within 0.05mm deviation. Stable sewing with #7 needles, fulfill backward and forward sewing function. 

  • Y-axis movement driven by ballscrew to keep high speed and precision working.

  • Richpeace's unique down-proof technology to avoid the down leakage during sewing process.

  • Detachable machine structure, easy for shipping and loading to shop floor.

  • Sewing head can lift up to 50mm.

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