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RPLC-CB Series


Garment industry fabric patch embroidery; Fabric engraving;Hot fix rhinestone template; Paper cutting; Toy industry sample making&cutting; Handbag sample making&cutting; Leather industry cutting&engraving.

(Voltage: 220V/380V)

(Speed: 600mm/s)

(Size: 1,600 mm x 1,000 mm)

Main features and functions:

Richpeace Laser Cutting Machine with Auto Feeding System suitable for  small and medium format flexible materials fast and accurate cutting,  with the engraving function, can handle flexible materials, rubber,  wood, the work of the surface compression plate;   Not only such advantages as high precision, smooth running, without action force on material, fine smooth cut, low comprehensive consumption and using cost has laser cutting technique but also features of easy and safe operation as well as simple maintenance. Compared with machinery cutting of the flexible materials, laser cutting machine wears better and maintains much more precise. The ordinary cutting machine works at a lower speed and precision when cutting hollowed complicated geometric designs on condition of a rotary narrow angle. Anyhow, with flexible features, laser cutting machine is widely used for rapid cutting in conformity of the current trend of development in flexible materials of small quantity of customization, individualization and velocity.

Automatic feeding system works with Crawler work platform which is suitbale for mass production; Drawer model waste fabric collecting system can keep working environment clean;

Optinal auto feeding system works with Crawler work platform to avoid fabric deviation

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