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RPC Series

Garment, Luggage, Marine / Aerospace Interior, Upholstery, Toy Industry, Automotive etc.

(Voltage: 220V/380V)

(Speed: 60m/min)

Main features and functions:

  • Cutting blade is made of diamond hardness stainlesssteel, equipped with automatic sharpening device.

  • Cutting blade change cutting speed automatically, automatic side cut compensation, ensure quality of final markers.

  • The automatic sharpening device performs blade sharpening automatically, keeps cutting blade always in tartness condition, extends working life of cutting blade.

  • The cutting head with cutting blade is specially designed, made by extraordinary stainless steel, automatic Cleaning System.

  • Full protection shield system, can be manually emergency stopped anytime.

  • Segment adsorption and cutting, realize tailoring, pick up materials, materials with simultaneously, no cutting blind angle, there will be no cutting phenomenon.

  • Meet the requirements of personalized clothing production, the compatibility with any clothing CAD software, high precision, long service life.

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