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Richpeace Disposable Medical Mask Automatic Production
  Suitabe for the automatic production of Disposable Medical Mask & Surgical Mask.
    Speed: Max 100 pc/min.
    Machine Size: 6,400 mm x 4,700 mm x 1,700 mm
    Power: 20KW
    Voltage: 380/50HZ  
Product Introduction

  1. Auto-align three rolls of material to be feed in, the Outer, Filter and Inner layers. Symmetrically both sides pressing with ultrasonic continuously. With 

     continous roller press then cut. Branch to two separated welding devices for earloops, in order to fulfill the line balancing and having high productivity

     effect.Finished the earloops making and send to digital counter automatically.

  2. Production adopted the "1 to 2" theory, a main set of mask making system, to distribute two sets of earloops welding device making.

  3. Earloops finished by ultrasonic cutting and welding  automatically.

  4. Nose- bridge can be made with auto feeding, cutting and ultrasonic welding.


Richpeace Automatic Foldable Respirator Mask Production Line


  Suitabe for the automatic production of Foldable Respirator Mask.
    Speed: 45 pcs/min.
    Machine Size: 1,300 mm x 2,000 mm x 2,100 mm
    Power: 10KW
    Voltage: 380/50HZ  
Product Introduction

  1. Outer - filter - inner, 3-6 layers can be automated feed in alignment. 

  2. Outline symmetrically and ultrasonic device pressing edges continuously..

  3. Automatic sending to earloop welding station after cut. 

  4. Automatic earloop ultrasonic welding and cutting.


Richpeace Automatic Production Line for Cup Mask


  Suitabe for the automatic production of Cup Mask 
    Speed: 20 pcs/min.
    Machine Size: 1,200 mm x 2,500 mm 
    Power: 14.5KW
    Voltage: 380/50HZ  
Product Introduction

  1. Integral design, from raw material loading, mask cup body shaping-welding-stamping, automatic nose bridge welding, automatic printing logo, automatic

     earloop spot welding / stapling , automatic punching edge, automatic breathing valve welding and other processes are automatically completed, so as to

     achieve automatic mask finished products, the whole machine to achieve automation.

  2. Constant temperature induction stick nose bridge strip, smooth incision, no damage on surface, strong fitting.

  3. Automatic printing logo, efficient and fast, clear pattern.

  4. Automatic two-way earloop installation, adjustable length, firm and strong tension.


Automatic Bagging Machine

RPAP-FM-F-2-100x250-HM-BSP-CRF-P-1P220 ( I )

bagging machine.jpg
  Suitable for automatic bagging operations for various types of mask 
    Speed: 40-230 packs/min. (support 1-20 pcs/pack).
    Machine Size: 4050mm×750mm×1450mm 
    Power: 2.4kW
    Voltage: 220V, 50/60Hz  
Product Introduction

  1. Three-servo motor control system, can automatically set the bag length (within 400mm) to achieve specified length of the auto-packing. Including empty 

      packing detection, through the checking of product’ s origin, auto matically identify the material position, machine will be stopped when the feeding material

      is not there, and started when there is product material coming in.

  2. Human-machine interactive interface, convenient and fast to set parameters, can store products parameters for various products specification, allow to choose

      parameters according to product spec.

  3. Self-diagnostic function, clear fault and reset in one-step.

  4. High-sensitivity photoelectric sensor mark tracking, digitally input seal and cut position, making the position more accurate.

  5. Independent PID control of temperature, suitable for various packing material.

  6. Positioning stop function, material not sticking on the cutter, no wastage of packing film.

  7. Simple and easy of the transmission system, reliable and preventative maintenance easily.

  8. All controls are performing by program, convenient on features tuning and technologies upgrade, fulfill intelligent operation. 

Manual Mask Machine
Eear-loop machine
Manual Mask1.jpg
Mask Packing Machine - Fully Automated
Manual Mask2.jpg

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