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Multi-color Perforation+Embroidery+Sewing

RPCE-L-P+E+S-1-900×600-B-P6+F9+IS2-VR1, VR2-LH50-AO-1P220

Suitable for sewing car seats, car headrests and car armrest boxes.

Speed: 1000 stitches/minute (800-1000 stitches/minute recommended for leather sewing)

Power: 5.5kW

Voltage: Three-phase 220V/50Hz

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Main features and functions:

  • 1. Machine sewing area: 900x600mm (other sewing area can be customized).

  • 2. Spindle drive and sewing frame drive are driven by servo motor, independently controlled.

  • 3. Independent research and development ofelectrome chanics to meet customer's customization function.

  • 4. Independently developed intelligent punching and embroidery sewing layout software, which is conducive to one-time forming.

  • 5. Bridge type structure, stable frame, large sewing area, can make any flower shape.

  • 6. Equipped with automatic dust-absorbing equipment and device to remove dander.

  • 7. Automatic oil supply system to improve the service life of the equipment and reduce manual maintenance.

  • 8. Sewing with twice as big rotary shuttle, embroidery double rotary, original imported Japanese rotary shuttle.

  • 9. Sewing head can be automatically lifted to prevent crashing into the frame, anti-dislodging function .

  • 10. Special multi-functional frame can meet the processing of different thickness leather and composite leather.

Product Parameters

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