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Multi Perforation and Rotary Sewing Machine




Applied for car seat, airplane seat, automobile interior, upholstery, sneakers, leather shoes, leather clothes and some other fields.

Speed: 800 holes/min.

Power: 7.7kW

Voltage: Single Phase 220V/Three Phase 380V

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Main features and functions:

1. Integrated perforation and sewing in one machine, standard perforation, beautiful stitches.

2. Sewing head: independent-driven 360° rotary sewing head, no quality difference between forward stitch and reverse stitch; head lifting stroke 50mm keeps enough space for sewing frame and material holding gauge.

3. Perforation head: exclusive punching head and side-discharged punching needle bar mechanism, effectively avoid scraps blocking and ensure it free falling; 6 sizes punchers are supported: 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm.

4. Main shaft driving, sewing frame driving and perforation are independent-servo-controlled.

5. DLC diamond coating needle bar and rotary hook shaft, high wear-resistance.

6. Equipped with automatic thread trimming, upper thread break detection and bottom thread counting functions.

7. Aluminum material fixture gauge, easy for installation, disassembly and material exchanging, convenient for mass production.

8. Powerful industrial vacuum cleaner, smooth and clean. 

9. Equipped with Richpeace CAD system can design any pattern, realized special sewing process.

multi perforation and rotary sewing machine
multi perforation and rotary sewing machine

Product Parameters

multi perforation and rotary sewing machine

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