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[Dual work frames sewing machine]


Non-stop sewing machine is a type of automatic sewing machine that uses two frames to perform sewing operations without any downtime. Two frames work independently of each other. While one frame is sewing, the other frame can be prepped by the operator. Once the sewing sequence is over the sewing head will automatically move to the other frame and start sewing, and the operator can switch sides and repeat the process.  This type of machine maximizes the productivity of a single operator, and deskills the sewing operation. Another key feature is that both sewing frames can be combined to make a giant frame, which doubles the sewing area. This makes the nonstop machine a versatile option that is great for small and large materials

Application: Winter jacket, down jacket, garment parts, furniture, home textile, luggage, shoes and cap, seating (automotive, aircraft, boat), tent, awnings, flags, etc.

(Voltage: 220V/330V)

Main features and functions:

  • Working speed: 2500rpm.

  • Up to 2,500 mm X 800mm working area.

  • Sewing head independently liftable up to 50mm.

  • Sewing head and Hook case move on X-axis with ball screw drive, ensure high precision. stable and reliable.

  • Two independant working area A/B shift without machine stop or joint A & B working area together being a super large sewing area.

  • Able to be equipped with down-proof mechanism, avoid down leakage during sewing.

  • Large storage capacity, save 2 million stitches.

  • Bobbin thread counter enable to provide bobbin thread capacity alert by bobbin thread consumption or number of sewing pieces made.

  • Four design patterns circulate function: support four patterns to be automatic switchable.

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Automatic sewing machine
Automatic sewing machine

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