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Perforation (4-puncher) Embroidery (9-color) and Sewing (rotating head) Machine

RPCE-L-P+E+S-1-900×600-B-P4+F9+IS2-VR1, VR2-LH50, RH360, AO-3P380

RPCE-L-P+E+S-1-1200×800-B-P4+F9+IS2-VR1, VR2-LH50, RH360, AO-3P380

Suitable for car seat, floor mat, air craft seat, furniture, sports-shoes, leather shoes, leather clothes, leather bags, etc.

Speed: Max. Sewing Speed: 1200 stitches/min. Max. Embroidery Speed: 800 stitches/min. Max. Punching Speed: ≤800 holes/min.

Power: 5.5kW

Voltage: Three-phase 380V/50Hz

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Main features and functions:

1. Integrated with embroidery, sewing and perforating in one machine, and arbitrary designs, easily realize any complicated combination process of punching,  embroidering and sewing.

2. Independent driven sewing head and rotary hook  mechanism, can rotate in 360°, avoiding the quality difference of positive and negative stitch.

3. Perforators size: 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm in diameter, can combine for different patterns.

4. Embroidery and sewing stitches have good consistency, stable quality, and less defective.

5. Automatic lubrication for rotary hook base, embroidery head and sewing head.

6. Powerful industrial vacuum cleaner, clean and fast.

7. The hollow-type punching box for scrap collecting, the scraps are sucked directly from the hollow rod to avoid falling down, keeping clean working  environment.

8. Special designed aluminum leather clamping frame, easy to install and transfer, and easy to change  leather.

9. Optional Richpeace Embroidery & Perforation & Sewing CAD, free to design any pattern, easily realizing any special sewing process.

Product Parameters

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