Automatic Perforation and Sewing Machine







Richpeace Automatic Single color Perforation and Sewing Machine is intelligent and multi-function "process center", mostly used at aerospace, car interiors and home furniture, etc.

(Speed: 2000 RPM.  Power: 3KW)

Main features and functions:

  • Rotary hook automatic oil supply function

  • Needle cooling function

  • Fully automatic computer control system, replacing the mode of one person for one machine.

  • Realize sewing and punching in one, with the punching point controlled by computer and achieve the desired combination pattern.

  • It is easy to learn the operation of the machine and no requirement for skilled sewing machine operation, which reduce the dependence on skilled workers

  • Arbitrary design of sewing pattern,easy realization of special sewing process.

  • Good consistency of sewing stitches, with stable quality and low reject rate.

  • High working speed, accurate pattern.

  • The distance for punching and sewing head is 200MM, while the switching time for sewing and punching can be neglected to maximize work efficiency.

  • Sewing head and punching head are independent up and down, guarantee the actual working area, also make it convenient to open and reloading the templet.

  • Acquiescent type is lift-head, fixed-head is optional, lift-head is recommended.

  • It can be customized for multi-needle punching according to customer needs. Maximum 4 punching heads can work at the same time according to different materials of leather.

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