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1.Cutting PVC board, acrylic sheet, plastic plate and other hard materials; 2. performance and water cooling system more better and large cut; 3. Adsorption and pressure fixation to meet the small.

(Voltage: 220V±10%)

Main features and functions:

  • Guide rail shield and X-axis double guide rail brush anti-dust device to ensure beautiful and extend mechanical service life; 

  • Double - knife memory function, template, make a key setting one time;

  • The screw type knife pressure is more effective for the protection of mesa and knife;

  • It has the function of water temperature alarm and circulation alarmThe special water-cooling device for the main shaft of the main shaft, the temperature of the water temperature increases automatic alarm, automatic stop operation, the system has better heat dissipation and the working time is longer.

  • Adopt the new flexible chain design concept can get rid of the traditional type vertical suction pipe design and easy to operate and easy to install

  • With different diameter milling cutter, the working environment is truly zero pollution.

  • The fixture + vacuum adsorption, the power of 1400W strong suction, with the template  fixture perfect match to solve the small template processing problem and the biggest reduce the waste material;

  • Double layer PVC with 4mm cutting finish can get smooth surface and linear flow;

  • It's convenient to use knife pressure automatic detection, switching material without setting;

  • The cutting center software is compatible with HPGL format;

  • The equipment and the same brand independently developed template CAD software (to provide template CAD software copyright certificate) seamless docking can direct output cutting documents;

  • The file can be offline output,release the computer resources quickly and screen the external interference;

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