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Heating Wire Sewing Machine
Single Head to 10 Heads

Single Head to 10 heads

Climbing wear with self-heating function;carpet,footpad,functional clothes with self-heating function;heating wire protective cover;car seats with self-heating. For automotive seat heating, steering wheel heating, automotive interior overall heating, carbon fiber wiring products, etc. 

(220v, 380v)

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Main features and functions:

  • Cord precise wiring of different diameters can achieve a small radius arc transition.

  • Large spool device,significantly increases the amount of the spool assembly line,reduce downtime.

  • Automatic wire feeding,wire feeding fault alarm and automatic shutdown.

  • Conductor wiring has a Norse alarm function,to ensure product quality.

  • Rope(wire)trimming function is optional,to achieve automatic rope(wire)trimming.

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wire stitching2.jpg

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