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Double-needle Universal Rotating Sewing Machine


Application: Suitable for car seat, car airbag, car interior, furniture, home textile, ship, aviation, etc.


Speed  2000 rpm

Voltage  220V/380V

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Main features and functions:

1. Adopt the independent drive rotary head to realize the complete imitation manual stitching, the sewing quality is high;

2. When sewing thick material, the machine head is lifted and downed to ensure the working space, which is suitable for sewing with various clamps;

3. Double Needle and double wire tracking at any Angle to Realize perfect stitching;

4. Pattern of arbitrary design, unrestricted;

5. Adopt 10-inch LCD touch screen to provide high-definition picture;

6. Controlled by motor the lifting position of the foot is controlled by the motor, and the sewing effect is stable when stitching is done;

7. Using USB port, it is not only easy to input data, but also to save large data;

8. Full servo motor is used to realize stable sewing, which is suitable for various sewing conditions.

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Product Parameters

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