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Number of risks when purchasing automatic sewing machines directly from overseas

Updated: Jan 5

Today, I would like to talk about the difficulties that customers face who purchased commercial machines such as automatic sewing machines, laser cutting machines, sewing & perforation machines from overseas. We often receive inquiries from people who have purchased machines directly from overseas, asking for repair or service or if we are interested in buying the machine. When we receive such an inquiry, I feel very sorry that we cannot help them much for some reasons. I would like to explain the following guidelines when purchasing a machine directly from overseas.

Number of risks when purchasing automatic sewing machines directly from overseas

There are a number of risks associated with purchasing such commercial machines from overseas directly instead of from a local supplier, including:

  • Shipping and customs delays: Shipping a machine from overseas can take several weeks or even months, and there is always the risk of customs delays. This can be especially problematic if you need the machine quickly for your business operations.

  • Product quality and safety: It can be difficult to assess the quality and safety of a machine that is being purchased from an overseas supplier, especially if you are not familiar with the brand or manufacturer. There is also the risk of receiving a defective or counterfeit machine.

  • Language barrier: Communicating with an overseas supplier can be challenging, especially if they do not speak your language fluently. This can make it difficult to ask questions about the product, resolve any problems that occur, or get support if needed.

  • Warranty and after-sales service: It is important to make sure that the machine you are purchasing comes with a warranty and that the supplier offers after-sales service. However, it can be difficult to enforce a warranty or get support from an overseas supplier. You should not believe that online remote installation or after-sales service can be solved problems. Special commercial machines can face much more complex and difficult situations. If you need to have a technician come from overseas to fix a problem with your machine, you will be responsible for a significant cost.

  • Compliance with local regulations: You need to make sure that the machine you are purchasing complies with all applicable local regulations. This can be a complex process, especially if you are not familiar with the regulations in the country where the machine is being manufactured.

  • Transportations, Import duties and taxes: Due to your small shipping volume, you will have to bear the cost of higher shipping fees than local supplier's cost . You may be required to pay import duties and taxes on the machine when it arrives in your country. These fees can be significant, and they are often not included in the advertised price of the machine.

Overall, there are a number of risks associated with purchasing a machine from overseas directly. It is important to carefully weigh the risks and benefits before making a decision. If you do decide to purchase a machine from overseas, it is important to do your research and choose a reputable supplier.

Here are some tips for reducing the risks associated with purchasing a machine from overseas:

  • Choose a reputable supplier. Do your research and read reviews of different suppliers before making a purchase. Make sure to choose a supplier that has a good track record and that offers good customer service.

  • Get everything in writing. Make sure to get all of the terms of the sale in writing, including the price, shipping costs, delivery time, warranty, and after-sales service. Even if all the documents are well organized, there are still difficulties when a major problem occurs.

  • Use a reputable freight forwarder. A freight forwarder can help you to ship the machine and handle the customs clearance process.

  • Purchase insurance. Purchase insurance to protect yourself against financial losses in case the machine is damaged or lost in transit.

If you are not comfortable with the risks associated with purchasing automatic sewing machines from overseas directly, you may want to consider purchasing a machine from a local supplier, even if machine price is more expensive. I hope you will consider the total cost, including shipping costs and other incidental costs, instead of simply considering the machine price. In addition, I hope you will consider all the risks that may occur during the use of the machine, such as installation and after-sales service.


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