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What is 'Non Stop Automatic Sewing Machine?'

Non-stop sewing machine is a type of automatic sewing machine that uses two frames to perform sewing operations without any downtime. Two frames work independently of each other. While one frame is sewing, the other frame can be prepped by the operator. Once the sewing sequence is over the sewing head will automatically move to the other frame and start sewing, and the operator can switch sides and repeat the process.  This type of machine maximizes the productivity of a single operator, and deskills the sewing operation.

Automatic Sewing Machine - Two work frames

Another key feature is that both sewing frames can be combined to make a giant frame, which doubles the sewing area. This makes the nonstop machine a versatile option that is great for small and large materials

Automatic Sewing Machine - One large work frame

The benefits of using two work frames include:

1) Increased productivity: Operators can sew two jobs at the same time, which can save time.

2) More efficient use of space: Two work frames can be used to create a larger working

surface, which can be helpful for a large materials.

3) Improved accuracy: Operators can be more accurate when they are working on two jobs at

the same time because they can focus on one project at a time.

Applications: Clothing, Sofa, Furniture, Shoes, Flags, Tents, Awnings, Luggage,

Seating (Boat, Aircraft, Automotive), etc

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