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Best automatic sewing machines for next level productivity

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

What would be productivity of having multiple working frames on one automatic sewing machine? For example, while sewing design A in frame A, prepare design B in other frame B, and after sewing of design A is completed, design B is sewing in frame B right away without waiting time. In the same way, while sewing design B in frame B, prepare the design A in frame A. Also If the workpiece is large, it is possible to combine these two frames and work in a large size. Using automatic sewing machine has multiple frames in large work areas, multiple designs can be sewn, and large work pieces can be sewn by replacing them with large frames. Here is an automatic sewing machine that can do it called a non-stop automatic machine. With this machine, you can challenge next level of productivity.

Richpeace  automatic sewing machine
Richpeace automatic sewing machine

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